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There is nothing that our Chairman cannot do. No, really, she really does make it all perfect. An academician with decades of experience instilling skills, confidence, and wisdom into young, impressionable minds, this incredibly talented lady is a trained musician, a poet, a Hindi language guru, a life skills specialist, an interior designer, an organiser, a flawless homemaker, and a perfectionist all rolled into one.

When she walks into office, she swooshes in with her a keen sense of aesthetics, unmatched discipline, organisation skills that shape the Beetle, observation skills which even the minutest details cannot escape, and an innate artistic flair that adds that touch of perfection to all our creatives. And she does it all with never ending enthusiasm, and that smile that adds even more sunshine to our gorgeous sunshine yellow office, designed by, you guessed it, our very own, Mrs. Bajaj.


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Managing Director

A Trade Economist by qualification, Pallavi makes managing the helm of affairs at Little Yellow Beetle look too easy to be true.

A self confessed obsessive compulsive organiser, armed with one Masters degree in Economics, and a second Masters degree in International Law, and a keen artistic eye, she is perfect for the job.

When she's not busy getting our numbers right and our projects in order, she is busy working as a Trade Consultant for multiple International Organisations like the WTO, UNCTAD and ITC.

In her remaining spare time, find her strolling around the world with her camera, shooting frames that you should be able to see in our work, when it fits our theme.


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Chief Marketing Officer

26 year old Mallika is a little box of big ideas. When she's not managing the helm of affairs at Little Yellow Beetle, she is also Chief Marketing Officer, Mixilion, Middle-east's first creative crowd-sourcing platform for all design and marketing solutions, based in Doha, Qatar, and takes immense pride in being the youngest at every job she's marched into (BBC, ABC Australia, Hindustan Times MINT, NewsX, etc).

She's been around the Media world for six years, and has rubbed shoulders with some of the best in the business.

She says that is the key to her drive, the inspiration and wisdom she has had exposure to.

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